Portfolio - Games

Coop First-Person Shooter
Ace of Space

Finished April 2017

Ace is a space cop, and he has been sent to a sandy desert planet to clean up a criminal organization with the help of his arsenal of weapons.

Contributions: (All networked)

Arena Hack n' Slash
Monster Mash!

Finished February 2017

Monster Mash is an intense and strategic game. Our heroine fights off monsters to prove herself a magical champion. In between waves there is a preparation phase, in which you spend time points on "actions" to gain perks.


God Simulator - VR Gamejam

Weekend gamejam in November 2016

You're a god of a quiant Greek city, and the Spartans are attacking!

Theosus was made during a weekend gamejam, in Unity. My contributions weren't contained chunks, but more in general fluff. Especially considering I don't know Unity as well as others. None the less, it was an splendid experience, especially since it was in VR :D

Space Shooter
Stellar Drift

Finished December 2016

In Stellar Drift, you are a space pirate who gets betrayed by your companions. On a journey of vengeance, your goal is to take them and their motherships down.


  • Took part in creating the foundation of our object & component system
  • Scene system, scene stack
  • Particle system & particle effects
  • Streaks vfx
  • Implemented quaternions and gameplay oriented utility
  • Enemy turret AI
  • GUI Markers for enemies & objectives
  • Scenes - Splash, Main, Options, Pause, Story

Turn-based Strategy
King's Finest

Finished June 2016

In King's Finest we follow the three characters Tiny, Yuno & Beaks, as they have been ordered to take down the evil mage. Use items, tactics and humor to get through the challenges of this light hearted game!


  • State stack
  • Game states and transitions
  • Level Loading
  • Loading and plotting of tiles
  • Player characters states
  • Crystal enemy spawner
  • Particles and system
  • The tutorial
  • Vfx for bomb

Shoot 'Em Up Platformer

Finished April 2016

You play as a mysterious character wearing masks. Each mask represents different abilities and can be upgraded in exchange for essences, which can be collected throughout the levels. Free the forest from evil spirits and try to acquire all the achievements!


  • All collision
  • Moving platforms and generic platforms
  • Particles and System
  • Tutorial
  • Projectiles
  • Kill volumes
  • Breakable tiles
  • Sound fx

Point n' Click - C++
Edda's Conquest

Finished February 2016

Edda is a girl determined to prove herself a worthy viking. She embarks on a journey throughout the village, acquires a portable altar which with she communes with the gods Freya, Odin and Thor. It all goes downhill when the neighboring village attacks by sea! A fated opportunity to prove herself.


  • Animation system with spritesheets
  • Implemented world and player animations
  • Player movement and room constraints
  • Simple tool to edit room constraints
  • Flavor text interactables
  • Dynamic cursor
  • Menus and buttons

Point n' Click - Lua

Finished November 2015

In this point and click adventure, you are an engineer sent to a space station for work. When you arrive, things are off, the whole crew is missing. In order to get to the escape pods, you and the robot companion S.P.R.A.K. will need to solve several puzzles.


  • Textbox and text
  • Tutorial
  • Keycard puzzle
  • Rotating disc puzzle